Autumn 2014 Project Season

United Church of Tallahassee volunteers work on Vivian Cromartie's roof on a cold morning in November
United Church of Tallahassee volunteers work on Vivian Cromartie’s roof on a cold morning in November

The Tallahassee Fuller Center for Housing has had a very busy fall 2014 project season.

In October, volunteers completed several repairs on the home of Keta Monroe in the Chaires community.  Working alongside Keta and members of her family, we installed new steps at both entrances to her home and installed new kitchen cabinets.  We will be returning in the next few weeks to help her install new flooring in the living area of her home.  It is hoped that Keta and her family will be able to move back in to her fire-damaged home soon.

In October and November, volunteers from the United Church of Tallahassee, FSU Habitat and members of Vivian’s church family spent three Saturday’s putting a new roof on the home of Vivian Cromartie in Havana.  In addition to replacing her roof, our volunteer crews also completed interior repairs made necessary by water damage created by the long leaking roof.  Vivian is partially disabled due to having a stroke several years ago, but she is currently working hard and traveling daily to complete her two-year degree at Tallahassee Community College.

Volunteers from  Trinity United Methodist Church, FSU Habitat, United Church of Tallahassee and Good Shepherd Catholic Church worked many Saturdays and weekdays in October and November to replace the roof on the home of Bobby Flowers in Tallahassee.  Although Bobby is partially disabled as a result of a car accident two years ago, he and members of his family will be completing interior repairs to his home following completion of the roof project.

Thank you to all of your dedicated volunteers!  We expect to dedicate all three projects in early January.  As a result of working through our long list of projects over the past several months, TFCH will now be able to once again take applications for assistance early in 2015.

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