Tool Donations Needed

We had an unfortunate occurrence in November when our construction trailer was broken into on a project site.  A large number of our tool inventory was stolen and will require replacement.

If you, your business or your church is interested in assisting us in replacing our tools, with either a financial donation or an in-kind donation, we would be immensely grateful.  Ideally, we need to complete two Greater Blessings Project Tool Boxes.

Each project box would contain the following tools:

Number of Items Item Description
1 Large Rubbermaid storage box
10 Hammers
5 Crow bars
5 Utility knives w/extra blades
20 Pencils
5 Speed squares
1 Carpenter square
3 Tin snips
10 Pair gloves
10 Saftey glasses
10 Dusk masks
10 Sets foam ear plugs
1 First aid kit
1 Regular screwdriver
1 Phillips screwdriver
2 Scraper blades
1 Small level (2′)
1 Large level
1 50′ Extension chord
1 GFCI w/multi plugs
10 Cloth nail aprons
1 Set drill bits
1 Set misc screwdriver tips
1 Crescent wrench
1 Channel lock wrench
1 Vice grips
1 Flashlight
10 Tape measures
1 Roll duct tape
2 Paint brushes
1 Chalk string ling
1 Hacksaw
1 Handsaw
1 Circular power saw
1 Power Sawz-all
1 Corded power drill
2 Cordless power drill
6 Hardhats
2 Extension ladder
2 Step ladder
2 Drywall pan
2 Drywall trowel
4 Saw horses

In addition, we are in need of a compressor, hoses and two nail guns – the largest item that was recently stolen.

If you are willing to help us restore our tool inventory, please contact us at: for more information.

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