Greater Blessings Repair Program is Now Accepting Applications

March 9, 2022

The Tallahassee Fuller Center is again accepting applications for its Greater Blessings home repair program, with some limitations.  Due to availability of financial resources and local jurisdiction permitting requirements, any request for a roof replacement will be based solely on the Board’s determination of our ability to secure and fund the services of a licensed roofing contractor to complete or supervise such projects.

If your home is within the City of Tallahassee, you may want to contact the City of Tallahassee Housing Division at 850-891-6566.  The city does offer a loan forgiveness program for low income families to make home repairs as funds are available. Additionally, if you reside inside the Tallahassee city limits, the Tallahassee Urban League has a housing rehabilitation/repair program. You may contact the Urban League at 850-222-6111.

If you are a Leon County resident, you can contact the Leon County Housing Services office at 850-606-1900 for information regarding their emergency home repair program.  Additionally, for Leon and surrounding counties, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has two housing rehabilitation / housing repair programs, a grant program and a low-interest loan program.  The USDA serves areas declared rural by the USDA.  Jurisdictions served in our area are Leon County, Wakulla County, Gadsden County and Jefferson County. Resources can be obtained at or by calling 850-526-2610.

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